Front Range Roundtable

The Front Range Roundtable was formed to "serve as a focal point for diverse stakeholder input into efforts to reduce wildland fire risks and improve forest health through sustained fuels treatment along the Colorado Front Range."
Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program (CFLRP) Monitoring Team

As of 2012, collaborative CFLRP monitoring takes place as part of the Roundtable’s Science and Monitoring Team, as one of that team’s goals. The CFLRP Monitoring Team functions as part of the SM Team.

CFLRP Monitoring Team Documents


06/24/11: 2011 CFLRP Monitoring Plan (pdf 2,554 k)

06/30/11: Monitoring Field Trip to Arapaho-Roosevelt National Forest, Red Feather Lakes: 
(1) Monitoring field trip agenda (314.6k)
(2) Field Tour Fun Facts (75.3k)
(3) Unit18A (52.3k)
(4) Red Magic Ortho (2.2M) 
(5) Red Magic Quad (232.0k)
(6) Red Feather Ortho (2.1M)
(7) Red Feather Restoration (338.9k)
(8) CFLRP Monitoring Trip (881.8k) 
(9) Crystal Lakes Treatment Quad (218.5k)
(10) Crystal Lakes Treatment Ortho (2.2M)
(11) Photos From the Field Trip

06/15/11 Monitoring Field Trip to Pike-San Isabel National Forest: 
Photos of field trip to Pike-San Isabel National Forest

(1) Meeting presentations
(05/10/11 pdf 1.4M)
(2) FRRT Monitoring Group Preferences on Social and Economic Variables
(05/10/11 pdf 44k )

(3) Draft of Ecological Monitoring plan details (05/10/11 pdf 991k)
(4) Draft of wildlife monitoring chart (05/10/11 pdf 85k)

05/05/11: Homework for 05/10/11 meeting (please read)
(1) CFLRP Monitoring Protocol (05/05/11 - doc 43k)
(2) Notes from 04/29/11 meeting (doc 34k)
(3) Study of Forest Management Preferences and Values for Woodland Park Healthy Forest Initiative (pdf 422k)

04/05/11: CFLRP Monitoring Team Meeting 6 Agenda (pdf 145k), Presentations: (CFRI-pdf 0.9m) (Silvicultural Considerations for Restoration and Fuels Treatment  - pptx 4.8M) (CFLR Monitoring - pptx 2.5M) and Minutes (pdf 2k).

04/03/11: Homework for April 5 Meeting
(1) Variables to vote Tier 1 or 2 (doc 14 k)
(2) Metrics Team's Findings from expert interviews (pdf 170k)
(3) Metrics Team's spreadsheet of metrics found in literature review (xls 21k)
(3) CFRI review of ecological, economic and social monitoring methods, protocols and variables (pdf 215k)
(4) Handbook Five: Monitoring social and economic effects of forest restoration (pdf 349k)

02/16/11: CFLRP Monitoring Team Meeting 5 Presentations [CFRI (pdf 367 k) and USFS (pdf 16 M)] and Minutes (pdf 135 k) 

01/24/11: CFLRP Monitoring Team Meeting 4 Presentations [DOW (pdf 6.7 M), UP (pdf 17.6 M), TWS (pdf 1.3 M), RMTRR (pdf 1.2 M), CFRI (pdf 368 k)] and Minutes (pdf 275 k).


12/17/10: Homework for January Meeting:
(1) Science Article 1 (Kaufmann, Veblen, Romme)
(2) Science Article 2 (DeLuca, Aplet, Wilmer, Burchfield
(3) Ecological Monitoring Handbook
(4) Collaboration language for Monitoring Plan (to be revised/approved at next meeting)
(5) Draft CFLRP Vision, Goals, Objectives, Strategy (to be revised/approved at next meeting)           

12/14/10: CFLRP Monitoring Team Meeting 3 Presentations (pdf 7,996 k), Minutes (pdf 97 k) and sample spreadsheet of monitoring variables from Uncompahgre Partnership (xls 43 k)

11/05/10: CFLRP Monitoring Team Meeting 2 Presentations (pdf 5,003 k) and Minutes (pdf 238 k)

10/15/10: CFLRP Monitoring Team Kickoff Meeting and Proposed Processes (pdf 1,400 k) and Minutes (pdf 717 k)

September 2010: DeLuca, Thomas H., Gregory H. Aplet, Bo Wilmer, and James Burchfield. "The Unknown Trajectory of Forest Restoration: A Call for Ecosystem Monitoring." Journal of Forestry. September 2010. (pdf 144 k)

June 2010: Colorado Forest Restoration Institute - Ecological Monitoring Plan and Field Procedures for the Uncompahgre Mesas Project (pdf 228 k)

05/01/10: Colorado Front Range Landscape Restoration Initiative: Proposed Treatment (pdf 279 k)

05/01/10: Colorado Front Range Landscape Restoration Initiative: Map (pdf 295 k) 

2010: U.S. Forest Service's Multiparty Monitoring and Assessment of Collaborative Forest Restoration Projects: Short Guide for Grant Recipients (pdf 508 k) 

2009 and before

Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009 (Pub. L. 111-11, Title IV - Forest Landscape Restoration) directed the Secretary to establish the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration (CFLR) Program, established the CFLR Fund to partially fund ecological restoration treatments for priority forest landscapes on National Forest System lands (pdf 40 k)

05/18/06: Kaufmann, Merrill R., Thomas T. Veblen, and William H. Romme. 2006. Historical fire regimes in ponderosa pine forests of the Colorado Front Range, and recommendations for ecological restoration and fuels management. Front Range Fuels Treatment Partnership Roundtable, findings of the Ecology Workgroup.









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