Front Range Roundtable

The Front Range Roundtable was formed to "serve as a focal point for diverse stakeholder input into efforts to reduce wildland fire risks and improve forest health through sustained fuels treatment along the Colorado Front Range."
Community Protection Working Team
Community Protection Working Team Goals

The community protection team will serve as a communication, networking, and information exchange among professionals working on community wildfire protection, wildfire mitigation, and private landowner education. The team will increase stakeholder involvement in the Community Protection Team and devote one of the four larger Roundtable meetings each year to community protection issues.

CP Team Documents

09/25/14 Meeting Minutes in Word (19k) or PDF (270k)


08/02/13 Meeting Minutes in Word (19k) or PDF (75k) and meeting documents:

Link to the 
Task Force on Wildfire Insurance and Forest Health:
Meeting Minutes in Word (22k) or PDF (75k) and meeting documents:

Several documents sent to us by Megan Davis, Boulder County Board of County Commissioners:

Fact Sheet
 (PDF 118k) and bill language (PDF 51k) for Senate Bill 13-269 - Wildfire Risk Reduction Grant Program. The bill summary states that the program will create a $10.3 million competitive grant program to mitigate the risk from wildfire to communities and private property. Money will be spent clearing dead and combustible vegetation on state and private lands in the wildland-urban interface, the highest risk location for damaging wildfires. 
Save the Date for WUI Land Use Building event (PDF .6m) on May 17 at the Denver Art Museum. Please RSVP if you’d like to attend - space is limited and RSVP required. Go to the NFPA website to register. 
Presentation from the Fire Adapted Communities Network meeting in Boise, ID (PPT 2.3 m) or PDF (2m)
Boulder County communication illustrating the Zone 1 and Zone 2 defensible space (PDF 256k). The illustration is to be sent to mountain landowners with their Notice of Valuation from the Assessor’s Office

CSFS News Announcement: New web-mapping tool allows professional planners, landowners to assess wildfire risk  (PDF 81k)

02/28/13 Meeting minutes in Word (20k) or PDF (76k), CP Working Team Project Outline Draft (Word 43k) or PDF (94k) from Megan Davis (Boulder County)

01/08/13: Meeting minutes (Word 19 k), or PDF version here (71 k)
Governor Hickenlooper Announces Wildfire Insurance and Forest Health Task Force, Wildland Fire Advisory Committee (PDF 78 k)
National Forest Health Restoration: An Economic Assessment of Forest Restoration on Oregon's Eastside National Forests (pdf 6.2 mb)
Summary of the Oregon Economic Assessment of Forest Restoration (pdf 1.3 m)

11/8/12: Meeting minutes (Word version - 22 k) from the 11/8/12 kick-off meeting discussing the original 2006 Roundtable recommendations regarding Leadership & Planning. PDF version here (70 k). Meeting planning document (Word 14.3 k) or PDF (36.3 k) 

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