Front Range Roundtable

The Front Range Roundtable was formed to "serve as a focal point for diverse stakeholder input into efforts to reduce wildland fire risks and improve forest health through sustained fuels treatment along the Colorado Front Range."
External Documents

02/09/12: " Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program Statement of Purpose" (pdf 88 k) and U.S. Forest Service report, "Increasing the Pace of Restoration and Job Creation on Our National Forests" (pdf 5,742 k)


12/30/11: Report on Wallow Fire Fuel Treatment Effectiveness On the Fort Apache Indian Reservation by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (pdf 2.8 mb)

12/02/11: Review of Forest Service Response: The Bark Beetle Outbreak in Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming(pdf 5.7 MB), a special report by the U.S. Forest Service requested by Senator Mark Udall, September 2011

11/21/11: People Restoring America's Forests: A Report on the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program (pdf 4.7 MB), an annual report by the U.S. Forest Service  


Study of Forest Management Preferences and Values for the Woodland Park Healthy Forest Initiative (pdf 369k)

07/24/10: Fuel treatments reduce the severity of wildfire effects in dry mixed conifer forest, Washington, USA 
(pdf 689 k)

June 2010: Tapping into Technology and Information Resources to Assess Erosion Risk (pdf 549 k)

05/01/10: Colorado Front Range Landscape Restoration Initiative: Proposed Treatment (pdf 279 k) and Map (pdf 295 k) 

April 2010: Colorado Governor's Forest Health Advisory Council: Lodgepole Pine Zone of Agreement Working Group - Presentation (pptx 1.5 MB)


11/02/09: Colorado State Forest Service American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Grants - Summary of Projects (pdf 52 k)


10/14/08: MOU for the Woodland Park Healthy Forest Initiative (150 k)

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