Front Range Roundtable

The Front Range Roundtable was formed to "serve as a focal point for diverse stakeholder input into efforts to reduce wildland fire risks and improve forest health through sustained fuels treatment along the Colorado Front Range."
Landscape Restoration (LR) Working Team
The Landscape Restoration Working Team

The LR team was formerly known as the Science & Monitoring Team. The LR Team changed its name on September 12, 2012 to reflect organizational changes on the Roundtable with working groups focusing explicitly on the Roundtable's dual vision of restoring forests and protecting communities. The SM team had originally formed in November 2009, then went on haitus from November 2010 to June 2011 while its members worked on the temporary CFLR Monitoring Plan Team. Please see under "Closed Teams" for the prior work of the original SM team, the CFLR Monitoring Plan team, and two subteams of the CFLR Monitoring Plan Team, the Process Team and the Metrics Team. The Process Team had initiated work on an Adaptive Management Process for the Roundtable (which was finished by the SM Team Phase 2 in 2012) and proposed a conflict resolution process for the Roundtable. The Metrics Team investigated whether quantitative targets for restoration desired conditions could be established from the scientific literature (and determined they could not).   

LR Team Calendar 

LR Team Documents


Meeting presentation in PowerPoint (.8m) and PDF (1.4m) and meeting presentations:

Meeting presentation in PowerPoint (1.4m) and PDF (.8m) and meeting presentations:


121014 Meeting presentation in PowerPoint (1.4m) and PDF (.7m), and pre-reads:

111214 Meeting documents:

102214 Meeting presentation in PowerPoint (1.4m) or PDF (.7m) 

Sub-team planning documents:

Meeting presentation in PowerPoint (1.4m) or PDF (.7m) and meeting documents:
082014 and 072314 Field trip information:

081314 Meeting presentation in PowerPoint (1.4m) or PDF (.7m) and meeting documents:
061114 Meeting presentation in PowerPoint (1.4m) or PDF (.7m) and meeting documents:
051414 Meeting presentation in
PowerPoint (1.4m) or PDF (.7m) and meeting documents:
040214 Meeting presentation in
PowerPoint (1.4m) or PDF (.7m) and an article that Paula Fornwalt (USFS) sent:
031214 Meeting presentation in PowerPoint (1.3m) or PDF (.6m) and meeting documents:

021214 Meeting presentation in PowerPoint (.5m) or PDF (.5m) and meeting documents:
012314 Meeting presentation in PowerPoint (.7m) or PDF (237k) and meeting documents:

Meeting presentation including action items in PowerPoint (.7m) or PDF (.5m)
11/13/13 Draft meeting presentation (PDF .5m) and pre-reads:
08/14/13 Meeting documents and pre-reads:
07/09/13 and 07/11/13 CFLR field trip information: 06/12/13 Meeting documents: 06/12/13 Meeting Prereads:

Thank you, Hal Gibbs (USFS) for sending us the Ecological Restoration Institute’s latest publication:

05/10/13 News:

The National Forest Foundation is hosting the following free webinars next week:  05/08/13 Meeting 31 Pre-reads:

Presentation and Outcomes from Meeting 30 04/10/13 (PDF .6m) or PowerPoint (.5m) 
Updated Implementation Monitoring Narrative (PDF 56k) or Word (21k)
Implementation Monitoring Diagram - Aplet edits 050313 (PDF 101k)
Adaptive Management Model 04/09/13 Draft (PDF 232k) or Word (243k)
Adaptive Management Model - Jenny Briggs edits 050113 (Word 255k)
Updated LR Team work plan (Excel .5m)

04/11/13 News:

Latent Resilience in Ponderosa Pine Forest: Effects of Resumed Frequent Fire by Larson, Andrew Jacob, R. Travis Belote, Courtney Alina Cansler, Sean Aaron Parks, and Matthew Dietz.  A pre-print being published in the ESA Journal, sent to us by Yvette Dickinson (CSU)

04/10/13 Meeting materials:

Overview of the the Wildlife Working Team in PDF (450k) or PowerPoint (122k), sent by Rick Truex (USFS)
Latest version of the Adaptive Management Model in PowerPoint (90k) and the expanded AM Model Narrative (Word 243k), sent to us by Greg Aplet (TWS) 

Implementation Monitoring Diagram in Word (51k) or PDF (78k), and the Implementation Monitoring Narrative in Word (22k), sent to us by Dick Edwards, Canyon Lakes Ranger District
The presentation A Scientific A Scientific Basis for Ecological Restoration and Management of Ponderosa Pine and Dry Mixed-Conifer Forests of the Colorado Front Range in PowerPoint (1.3m) or as PDF , by Rob Addington (CSU)

04/02/13 News - Several studies have been sent around by Mike Battaglia and Jim Thinnes (USFS), so we've posted them all here:

Modeling High-Severity Fire, Drought and Climate Change Impacts on Ponderosa Pine Regeneration, by Johannes J. Feddemaa, Joy Nystrom Mast and Melissa Savage (PDF 1.2m)
Restoring Forest Resilience: From Spatial Patterns to Silvicultural Prescriptions and Monitoring by Derek J. Churchill, Andrew J. Larson, Matthew C. Dahlgreen, Jerry F. Franklin, Paul F. Hessburg, and James A. Lutz (PDF 1m)

Tree Spatial Patterns in Fire-Frequent Forests of Western North America, Including Mechanisms of Pattern Formation and Implications for Designing Fuel Reduction and Restoration Treatments

by Andrew J. Larson and Derek Churchill (PDF 3.1m)

The ICO Approach to Restoring Spatial Pattern in Dry Forests - Implementation Guide by Derek J. Churchill, Matthew C. Dahlgreen, Andrew J. Larson and Jerry F. Franklin (PDF .6m)  

3/13/13 meeting materials:

A Model for Adaptive Management for the Front Range Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Revised 021313 (Word 171k)
CFLRP Adaptive Management Model final diagram (PPT96k) 
Effects of Restoration Treatments on Ponderosa Pine Ecosystems: 2011 to 2012 by Jenny Briggs (USGS), Paula Fornwalt (RMRS), and Jonas Feinstein (NRCS) 
Colorado Front Range CFLR Project: Initial Pre and Post-treatment Stand Structure Analysis for Phantom Creek Units and Arapahoe Roosevelt Projects by Nick Young, Carl Reeder and Rob Addington in PowerPoint (21m) or PDF (25m)

Pre-reads for the 2/13/13 meeting: 

Front Range CFLRP Adaptive Management Exhibit in PowerPoint (141k) or PDF (65 kb) and Front Range Roundtable Adaptive Management Narrative by Peter Brown, RMTRR and Greg Aplet, TWS in Word (146 k) or PDF version (224 k)
Front Range Ponderosa bibliography by Rob Addington, CFRI in Word (25 k)
Next steps from the 11/14 meeting in Word (140 k) or PDF version
 (72 k)

 1/9/13 meeting materials: Roundtable LR Team Meeting 23 Package (.7 m) PDF

2013 CFLRP Wildlife Overview by Rick Truex, USFS in PowerPoint (99 k) or PDF (255 k)
Meeting presentation - 
Historic Changes in Fire Regime, Forest Structure, and Tree Spatial Patterns in Ponderosa Pine Forests of the Northern Colorado Front Range by Peter Brown, RMTRR in PowerPoint (12.5 m)  or PDF (13.4 m) 
Here is the link to the NFF CFLRP ecological monitoring webinar:


11/14/12 Meeting 22: 
LR Team Meeting 22 Agenda and Presentation (137k)  

Proposed Methods for Monitoring Groupy-Clumpy Forest Cover Characteristics at the Stand Scale report (1.5m) and 
Proposed Methods for Monitoring Forest Canopy Spatial Structure presentation (11.3m) by Kristen Pelz, CSU and Dr. Yvette Dickinson, CSU
Front Range CFLRP: Social and Economic Monitoring Report for 2011 (1.7m) and 
2011 CFLRP Social and Economic Monitoring Results presentation (8.5m) by Kathie Mattor and the PowerPoint version (3.6m)
Front Range CFLRP/SRLCC Monitoring Update (PDF 1.7m) or  PowerPoint version (2 mb)
from Jonas Feinstein

10/10/12 Pre-reads for next LR Team Meeting 20:

Front Range CFLR FY10 (PDF 170k) and FY11 (PDF 815k) Annual Reports from USFS to the CFLR Program
CFLR National Indicators Transmittal Letter and Tracking and Reporting Guidance (PDF 216k)
LR Team work plan (PDF 1,007k)

09/12/12 Meeting 19: 
Minutes from LR Team Meeting 19 (PDF 33k) 

SM Team - Phase 2 Documents


06/19/12: Photo album from team field trip to Heil Valley Ranch

02/22/12 Meeting Presentations:




Roundtable Science and Monitoring Team kick-off minutes (PDF 328k)
Meeting presentation
CFRI Scope of Work for Ecological Monitoring (PDF 368k)and  
Social-Economic Monitoring (PDF 441k)

10/27/11: Science and Monitoring Re-initiation Meeting (PDF 70k)

The Science & Monitoring (SM) Team -- Phase 1

The SM team had originally formed in November 2009, then went on haitus from November 2010 to June 2011 while its members worked on the temporary CFLR Monitoring Plan Team.   


04/13/10: SM terms to define (xls file 123 k)

04/10/10: SM team work plan as of 4/10/10 (pdf 37 k)

03/16/10: "Defining Terms Workshop" for SM team meeting 10 (pdf 790 k)

03/16/10: Work plan as of 3/16/10 (pdf 35 k)

03/09/10: Document with "Terms to Define" (pdf 67 k)

02/23/10: Document for SM team meeting 9 (pdf 1600 k)

02/16/10: Work plan from SM team meeting 8 (pdf 38 k)

02/02/10: Work plan from SM team meeting 7 (pdf 41 k)

01/12/10: SM team work plan from meeting 6 (pdf 38 k)

01/12/10: Document for SM team meeting 6 (pdf 920 k)

SM Team work plan as of meeting 5 (pdf 34 k)


11/10/09: Document for SM team meeting 2 (pdf 934 k)

2009: Fire Intensity, fire severity and burn severity: a brief review and suggested usage (pdf 836 k) 

CFLRP Monitoring Team Documents


06/24/11: 2011 CFLRP Monitoring Plan (pdf 2,554 k)

06/30/11: Monitoring Field Trip to Arapaho-Roosevelt National Forest, Red Feather Lakes: 
(1) Monitoring field trip agenda (314.6k)
(2) Field Tour Fun Facts (75.3k)
(3) Unit18A (52.3k)
(4) Red Magic Ortho (2.2M) 
(5) Red Magic Quad (232.0k)
(6) Red Feather Ortho (2.1M)
(7) Red Feather Restoration (338.9k)
(8) CFLRP Monitoring Trip (881.8k) 
(9) Crystal Lakes Treatment Quad (218.5k)
(10) Crystal Lakes Treatment Ortho (2.2M)
(11) Photos From the Field Trip

06/15/11 Monitoring Field Trip to Pike-San Isabel National Forest: 
Photos of field trip to Pike-San Isabel National Forest

(1) Meeting presentations 
(05/10/11 pdf 1.4M)
(2) FRRT Monitoring Group Preferences on Social and Economic Variables
 (05/10/11 pdf 44k )

(3) Draft of Ecological Monitoring plan details (05/10/11 pdf 991k)
(4) Draft of wildlife monitoring chart (05/10/11 pdf 85k)

05/05/11: Homework for 05/10/11 meeting (please read)
(1) CFLRP Monitoring Protocol (05/05/11 - doc 43k)
(2) Notes from 04/29/11 meeting (doc 34k) 
(3) Study of Forest Management Preferences and Values for Woodland Park Healthy Forest Initiative (pdf 422k)

04/05/11: CFLRP Monitoring Team Meeting 6 Agenda (pdf 145k), Presentations: (CFRI-pdf 0.9m) (Silvicultural Considerations for Restoration and Fuels Treatment  - pptx 4.8M) (CFLR Monitoring - pptx 2.5M) and Minutes(pdf 2k).

04/03/11: Homework for April 5 Meeting 
(1) Variables to vote Tier 1 or 2 (doc 14 k)
(2) Metrics Team's Findings from expert interviews (pdf 170k)
(3) Metrics Team's spreadsheet of metrics found in literature review (xls 21k)
(3) CFRI review of ecological, economic and social monitoring methods, protocols and variables (pdf 215k)
(4) Handbook Five: Monitoring social and economic effects of forest restoration (pdf 349k)

02/16/11: CFLRP Monitoring Team Meeting 5 Presentations [CFRI (pdf 367 k) and USFS (pdf 16 M)] and Minutes (pdf 135 k) 

01/24/11: CFLRP Monitoring Team Meeting 4 Presentations [DOW (pdf 6.7 M), UP (pdf 17.6 M), TWS (pdf 1.3 M), RMTRR (pdf 1.2 M), CFRI (pdf 368 k)] and Minutes (pdf 275 k). 


12/17/10: Homework for January Meeting:
(1) Science Article 1 (Kaufmann, Veblen, Romme)
(2) Science Article 2 (DeLuca, Aplet, Wilmer, Burchfield
(3) Ecological Monitoring Handbook
(4) Collaboration language for Monitoring Plan (to be revised/approved at next meeting)
(5) Draft CFLRP Vision, Goals, Objectives, Strategy (to be revised/approved at next meeting)           

12/14/10: CFLRP Monitoring Team Meeting 3 Presentations (pdf 7,996 k), Minutes (pdf 97 k) and sample spreadsheet of monitoring variables from Uncompahgre Partnership (xls 43 k)

11/05/10: CFLRP Monitoring Team Meeting 2 Presentations (pdf 5,003 k) and Minutes (pdf 238 k)

10/15/10: CFLRP Monitoring Team Kickoff Meeting and Proposed Processes (pdf 1,400 k) and Minutes (pdf 717 k)

September 2010: DeLuca, Thomas H., Gregory H. Aplet, Bo Wilmer, and James Burchfield. "The Unknown Trajectory of Forest Restoration: A Call for Ecosystem Monitoring." Journal of Forestry. September 2010. (pdf 144 k)

June 2010: Colorado Forest Restoration Institute - Ecological Monitoring Plan and Field Procedures for the Uncompahgre Mesas Project (pdf 228 k)

05/01/10: Colorado Front Range Landscape Restoration Initiative: Proposed Treatment (pdf 279 k)

05/01/10: Colorado Front Range Landscape Restoration Initiative: Map (pdf 295 k) 

2010: U.S. Forest Service's Multiparty Monitoring and Assessment of Collaborative Forest Restoration Projects: Short Guide for Grant Recipients (pdf 508 k) 

Process Team Documents

03/08/11: Process Team Meeting 1 Presentation by CFRI (pdf  k) and Minutes (pdf 135 k) 

Metrics Team

03/11/11: Draft spreadsheet of Lower Montane ecological restoration metrics developed at Metrics Team Meeting 3 (xlsx 21 k); interview guide for experts (docx 113k); and team methodology (ppt 512 k)










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