Front Range Roundtable

The Front Range Roundtable was formed to "serve as a focal point for diverse stakeholder input into efforts to reduce wildland fire risks and improve forest health through sustained fuels treatment along the Colorado Front Range."
Roundtable Meeting Materials

September meeting summary and presentations 

FRRT_9.9.16_Summary_Final (1).pdf
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The Science of Prescribed Fire (Mark Finney)
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Colorado Prescribed Fire Council (Mike Lester)
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June meeting summary and presentations 
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March meeting summary and presentations 
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     08/28/15 Q3 Meeting Agenda 
     05/15/15 Q2-15 Meeting agenda and yearly calendar (PDF 138K)

    Q1-15 Meeting Minutes in Word (105k) and PDF (335k) and meeting presentations:


    11/14/14 Q4-14 Meeting Minutes in Word (106k) and PDF (338k) and meeting presentations:

    Meeting pre-reads for mastication panel led by Brett Wolk (CSU-CFRI):

    09/05/14: Q3-14 Meeting Minutes in Word (106k) and PDF (367k)  and meeting presentations:

    4/11/14: Q2-14 Meeting Minutes in Word (187k) or PDF (406k)

    1/10/14: Q1-14 Meeting Minutes in Word (118k) and PDF (88k) and meeting presentations:

    Q4-13 (rescheduled) Draft Meeting agenda, directions and RSVP list  (PDF .5m) - updated 1/07/14


    11/22/13: Q4-13 Draft Meeting agenda, directions and RSVP list (PDF .5k)

    09/06/13: Q3-13 (CANCELLED MEETING) Draft Meeting agenda, directions and RSVP list (PDF .6k). Meeting presentations and handouts:
    06/0/13: Q2-13 Meeting handouts (PDF 2.5m) and Meeting Presentation (Ppt 2m) or PDF (2m), Meeting Minutes in Word (197k) or PDF (200k) and Next Steps (PDF 67k).

    Thank you to our guest speakers for providing the following presentations:
    Trey also sent us the link to the website with the comprehensive listing of final documents: right side of the page contains additional links to the Google Earth application, as well as shapefiles for each Colorado Roadless Area (CRA).

    05/16/13: Q2-13 Meeting Agenda, Map and RSVPs - updated 5/20/13 (Word 4.4m)

    Required pre-read for the 5/31 meeting: A Model for Adaptive Management of the Front Range Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Project in Word (.5m) or PDF (346k). This AM model was developed and proposed by the Landscape Restoration Working Group of the Front Range Roundtable, as the basis for continued, effective, collaborative planning and implementation of the Colorado Front Range Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Project (CFLRP).
    03/08/13: Front Range Roundtable Q1-13 Meeting Agenda, Directions and RSVPs (PDF 508k) or Word (1.2k), About the Roundtable (PDF 2.1m) or PowerPoint (2m), Meeting minutes in Word (231k) or PDF (208k), Next Steps (PDF 67k)
    Guest presentation by Dr. Sarah McCaffrey: Social Dynamics of Fire Management (PDF 1.1m)
    Q1-13 Roundtable pre-reads: 
    Guest speaker Dan Jiron bio (PDF 2m)
    Guest speaker Dr. Sarah McCaffrey bio (PDF 1.8m) 


    Outcome of Q3-12 meeting: Responses to CFLR Coalition Survey on Collaboration - Word (68k) or PDF version (134 k).

    11/30/12: Front Range Roundtable Q4-12 Meeting Agenda, Directions and RSVPs (pdf 154 k), About the Roundtable Presentation - PowerPoint (2.4 m) or PDF version (2.5m), Meeting Presentation PowerPoint (0.9m) or PDF version (0.8m), and Meeting Minutes (pdf 288k). 
    Presentation by Kathie Mattor of CSU's Colorado Forest Restoration Institute: Front Range CFLRP 2011 Social and Economic Monitoring Results (pdf 17.3m)
    Presentation by Gary Bostrom from Colorado Sprints Utilities on the Waldo Canyon Fire Recovery:  Waldo Canyon Fire Regional Recovery Team (pdf 17.3m)

    08/23/12: Front Range Roundtable Q3-12 Meeting Agenda, Directions, and RSVPs (PDF 733k), "About the Roundtable" Presentation (PDF 1.5k), PowerPoint version of presentation (PPT 2.5k), and Minutes (277k).

    Guest presentations about the High Park Fire: by the City of Greeley (PDF 3.4k), by the U.S. Forest Service BAER Team (PDF 2.2k), by the U.S. Forest Service Canyon Lakes Ranger District (PDF 7.2k), and by Larimer County Emergency Safety Services (PDF 2.6k).

    Guest presentations about the Waldo Fire: by the Colorado Springs Fire Department (PDF 4.6k), by Colorado Springs Utilities (PDF 5.6k), and maps by the U.S. Forest Service, Pike-San Isabel National Forests and Comanche National Grasslands (PDF 5.4k).

    Roundtable member presentations about: the results of CFLR SRLCC Wildlife Monitoring (PDF 6.8k), the results of CFLR Social and Economic Monitoring (pdf 210 k), and recommendations on changes to Roundtable organization and budget (PDF 573k).

    05/04/12: Front Range Roundtable Q2-12 Meeting Agenda, Directions and RSVPs (PDF 400k), Presentation (PDF 4.6k), Minutes (PDF 123k), and Fourmile Canyon Fire Preliminary Findings by USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station (PDF 10k)  

    02/03/12: Front Range Roundtable Q1-12 Meeting Presentation (PDF 547k) and Minutes (PDF 283k) 


    11/04/11: Front Range Roundtable Q4-11 Meeting Agenda, Directions and RSVPs (PDF 324k), Presentation (PDF 2.5k), Minutes (PDF 123k), and U.S. Forest Service presentation on the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program on the Front Range (PDF 780k).

    08/19/11: Front Range Roundtable Q3-11 Meeting Presentation (PDF 3.2k), field trip itinerary and map (PDF 424k), link to online photo album, Minutes (PDF 97k ), maps of Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District mitigation (PDF 2.3k), and Upper Boulder Heights Fuel Break Newsletters (PDF 8k)

    08/18/11: Congressional breakfast briefing invitation from Colorado CFLR Delegation (PDF 172k)

    08/05/11: Roundtable Outreach and Policy Team Communications Piece on Sustaining Forests and Communities on the Front Range.

    /07/11: Fourmile Canyon Tour for agency leaders and elected officials (PDF 713k), Tour Itinerary and Background Information (PDF 7m)

    06/03/11: Front Range Roundtable Request for Proposals, Coordinator (PDF 214k)

    05/27/11: Front Range Roundtable Q2-11 Meeting Presentation (PDF 7k) and Minutes (PDF 405k)

    04/13/11: Case Study of the Front Range Roundtable by CSU Conservation Leadership Masters students (PDF 218k) by Michele Bratschun; Ritter, A.; Mach, P.; Lacy, L.; and Miller, V.

    03/12/11: Front Range Roundtable Presentation to Lyceum at Rocky Mountain National Park (PDF 11.1k)

    03/04/10: Front Range Roundtable Q1-11 Meeting Presentation (PDF 466k) and Minutes (PDF 575k)

    12/3/10: Front Range Roundtable Q4-10 Executive Team Meeting Presentation (PDF 2,035k)

    10/15/10: Front Range Roundtable Q4-10 Meeting Presentation (PDF 8.4k)
     and Minutes (PDF 267k)

    09/14/10: Roundtable Presentation to the Colorado Open Space Association (COSA) (PDF 5.1k)

    07/23/10: Front Range Roundtable Q3-10 Meeting Presentation (PDF 4.8k)
    and Minutes (PDF 264k)

    04/23/10: Front Range Roundtable Q2-10 Meeting Presentation (PDF 13m) and Minutes (PDF 300k)

    02/26/10: Presentation to Policy Makers: Sustaining Front Range Forests and Communities (PPT 1.8k)

    01/08/10: Front Range Roundtable Q1-10 Meeting 
    Presentation (PDF 10.9k) and Minutes (PDF 832k) 


    11/30/09: Front Range Roundtable  Q4-09 Executive Team Meeting Presentation (PDF 595k)

    9/28/09: Presentation to the Governor's Forest Health Advisory Council about the Roundtable (PDF 686k)

    9/18/09: Front Range Roundtable Q3-09 Meeting Presentation (PDF 1.3k), Preread (PDF 597k),
    Outcomes (PDF 286k)and Minutes (PDF 2.2k)

    9/11/09: Document for Meeting between Leaderships of Three Front Range Collaboratives (PDF 957k) and Outcomes (PDF 582k)

    9/11/09: Front Range Roundtable  Q3-09 Executive Team Meeting Presentation (PDF 380k)


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