Front Range Roundtable

The Front Range Roundtable was formed to "serve as a focal point for diverse stakeholder input into efforts to reduce wildland fire risks and improve forest health through sustained fuels treatment along the Colorado Front Range."
Roundtable Published Documents

12/09/14: From the Landscape Restoration team:
08/06/14: From the Landscape Restoration team and subteams, the following reports have been published:


12/23/13: From Rob Addington (CSU-CFRI), the CFLRP Common Stand Exam Ecological Monitoring Report for 2011-2012 (6.3 m) treatments on the PSI and AR National Forests. Special thanks to Nick Young, Carl Reeder, and Paul Evangelista at CSU's Natural Resource Ecology Lab for help with the analyses and write up.

05/31/13: Landscape Restoration Team's Adaptive Management Process approved at the Q2-13 meeting on 5/31/13, as presented by Greg Aplet (Wilderness Society) in PowerPoint (87k) or PDF (97k)


Responses to CFLR Coalition Survey on Collaboration - Word (68k) or PDF version (134 k) - Outcome of Q3-12 meeting.

04/25/12: Front Range Roundtable 2011 Annual Report to the Front Range Fuels Treatment Partnership (PDF 596k)


11/02/11: Front Range Roundtable  Acronyms Guide (PDF 58k)

09/13/11: Presentation to Colorado Congressional Representatives by CFLR Delegation (PDF 2.8k), Quick facts on the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program (PDF 390k)

08/05/11: Roundtable Outreach and Policy Team Communications Piece on Sustaining Forests and Communities on the Front Range.

07/12/11: Front Range Roundtable 2010 Annual Report (PDF 630k)

04/13/11: Case Study of the Front Range Roundtable by CSU Conservation Leadership Masters students (PDF 218k) by Michele Bratschun; Ritter, A.; Mach, P.; Lacy, L.; and Miller, V.

03/12/11: Front Range Roundtable Presentation to Lyceum at Rocky Mountain National Park (PDF 11.1k)


10/15/10: Roundtable Biomass Utilization Talking Points (PDF 466k)

10/15/10: Terms and Definitions Approved by Three Front Range Forest Collaborative Groups (PDF 103k)

09/14/10: Roundtable Presentation to the Colorado Open Space Association (COSA) (PDF 5.1k)

02/26/10: Presentation to Policy Makers: Sustaining Front Range Forests and Communities (PPT 1.8k)

01/08/10: Roundtable Correction to 2006 Report (PDF 192k)
 The map on p. 9 shows all fuels at risk for fire, including grasslands. The map title incorrectly says "forests" instead of "fuels."


9/28/09: Presentation to the Governor's Forest Health Advisory Council about the Roundtable (PDF 686k)

9/28/09: Roundtable Letter of Support for ARRA Projects in Roundtable Priority Areas (PDF 210K)

9/11/09: Document for Meeting between Leaderships of Three Front Range Collaboratives (PDF 957k) and Outcomes (PDF 582k)



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