The Executive Team guides the development and tracking of the Roundtable’s Annual Work Plan, develops substantive agendas for full Roundtable meetings and associated field or community activities, coordinates the collection and allocation of funds needed to support Roundtable facilitation, and removes barriers to Roundtable progress whenever possible. Find out more information about the Executive Team and its members here.

The Community Protection Team (CPT) serves as a communication, networking, and information exchange among professionals working on community wildfire protection, wildfire mitigation, and private landowner education. The CPT is always working to increase stakeholder involvement and devote one of the four larger Roundtable meetings each year to community protection issues.

The Landscape Restoration Team (LRT) informs the Roundtable to ensure all discussions about resilient forests are grounded in science and data. The LRT also completes all the monitoring for Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program (CFLRP) treatments that are implemented by the Roundtable and the US Forest Service. 


Fuels Treatment Partnership