Ecological Restoration

The Roundtable views ecological restoration as an important factor in improving the health of forests along the Front Range. Forests that are ecologically sound offer better wildlife habitat, improved watershed health, safer communities, and healthier landscapes.

The Landscape Restoration Team focuses on ecological restoration and its members regularly work to find agreement regarding scientific principles informing landscape restoration, create adaptive management protocols for active forest management, and inform and implement monitoring protocols that assess forest health. Landscape Restoration Team discussions often inform the on-the-ground work of the Roundtable member agencies, and they are also responsible for monitoring all Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program treatments completed on US Forest Service land.

The Front Range Roundtable and its members regularly review all types of documents that feed into a well-rounded view of ecological restoration. The documents that inform these discussions are available in the document database under “ecological restoration” and “landscape restoration.”

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